Good Taste Dining
Good Taste Dining

Vermont is a food-lover’s paradise. We are locavores. We seek and appreciate fresh foods grown locally. In fact, no other state does farm fresh better.

Not only do we rank number one on the Locavore Index, but our government has legislated Farm-to-Plate strategies to strengthen our commitment to increasing jobs in farms and food production, and to ensure that every Vermonter has access to healthy food.

Here in Manchester and the Mountains the food and venue choices are boundless, from rustic to refined, all focusing on Vermont-sourced ingredients whenever possible. Being a locavore here is easy and delicious.

The people we meet are engaging and passionate about their product, be it bread, sausage, cocktails, cheese, or anything else.

Innkeepers and farmers collaborate with other restaurants to create a market for special ingredients that are not readily available. The result: farms are guaranteed a market for their products, and chefs are guaranteed a source for the foods they desire – win, win! In the end, consumers like you and me are the ultimate beneficiaries.

Southern Vermont is well known as a destination for art, theatre, and all types of outdoor play. It is also a dining destination. There are many urbane, chef-driven restaurants here – sophisticated and original, in historic and cosmopolitan settings. Plan to eat well while you’re here.

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