Lay It On Me!

By Ellen Oltman Kellner
Photography By Timothy Peters

Have you ever experienced the rich, clean, and creamy flavor of an egg a day or two after it appeared in the nest, from a hen that ranged freely in her yard and scratched up her own food?

A farm-fresh egg can vary in size, and has a higher nutritional value than a supermarket egg. The shells often range in color from snowy white to pale blue, or pink, to dark brown – and any shade in between. When you crack one open you will notice that the shell is less fragile than you may be accustomed to and the yolk is orange, rather than yellow. The egg white is gathered in a defined oval, with only a little liquid spreading out. If you poach or fry a farm-fresh egg, you will discover that it holds together, proudly self-contained. Farm eggs can be stored on your counter at room temperature for about a month, then for another month in your fridge. By comparison, store bought eggs may be as much as market’s shelves. Luckily, farm eggs can be found at many of our local specialty stores and at farmer’s markets for about the same price as the “free-range” supermarket eggs, sometimes even for less.